The Truth of God's Word for Japan

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The Truth of God's Word for Japan


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Who We Are

BJapan was founded by Back to the Bible, a global media ministry headquartered in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and TEAM, a mission organization with 120 year history of evangelism in Japan. BJapan was incorporated and began activites as an affiliate of Back to the Bible in November 2004.

BJapan joins Back to the Bible affiliate offices around the world (US, Canada, UK, Australia, Jamaica, Ecuador, Brazil, Italy, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines). These affiliates each work in their own countries, but also work together creating a scope of activities that is truly global in nature. As one member of Back to the Bible, BJapan is proclaiming the words of the Bible to the Japanese speaking world. Support for BJapan is directly tied to the support and cooperation of missions around the world.

As Japan has no legal provision for religious non-profit organizations as they are known in the USA, BJapan is registered as an "Ippan Shadan." The characteristics of this kind of corporation is that the corporate officers all have equal responsibilities and authority in management of the organization. This means that final authority (in matters of personnel, finances, binding contracts, etc.) does not rest solely in one specific individual. This provides for an organization that has natural checks and balances. Also profit-making may not be the goal of this kind of corporation.

At present, BJapan has 10 full and part time staff. That includes the corporate officers that handle management and activities. Additionally, there is a management consulting board of three members and a four member board of directors. These boards audit the organization's finances and management, and give invaluable advice regarding ministry activities. General activities are carried out by the corporate officers and staff, along with the cooperation of an expanding base of volunteer staff and pastors who take charge of Bible messages for broadcast.

Our current board of directors are:

      Rev. Tokio Arashi, Kunitachi Christ Church

      Rev. Motoo Iwai, Kiyose Evangelical Free Church

      Rev. Tetsuya Saitoh, Imaichi Christ Church

      Rev. Kunimi Tamai, Shinkamagaya Bible Church, Oasis Ministry

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