The Truth of God's Word for Japan

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The Truth of God's Word for Japan


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Bible Team

At BJapan, we would like to see the Christians and churches of Japan become ever more active and vibrant.

We are undertaking the task of providing logistical support to the church that is day after day toughing it out on the front lines of evangelizing Japan.

We at BJapan are looking 20 years down the road and see a vibrant Christian presence in Japan, working together and supporting each other across denominational lines, meeting each other's needs. If you, whether clergy or layman, share that vision, we'd love to talk to you. Please get in touch!

Church Support

As one way of providing logistical support to the Church, we are involved in the following.

  • 1) Using the media to deliver Bible messages, seminars, special meetings and information.
  • 2) In response to churches seeking such help, we send out Bible messengers/special speakers and pastoral counsellors.
  • 3) We sponsor meetings, seminars and symposiums in various locales. (Depending on the needs and size of the church involved, we also consider requests to help support meetings and events that the church is holding.)

Providing Bible Teachers

  • 1) In consultation with the church, responding to its needs we can send out mature counsellors and pastors, experienced in evangelism, pastoral work and church building, to serve in the area of consultation, believer discipleship, leading a worship service, etc.
  • 2) Depending on the needs and size of the church, BJapan will bear the personnel and travel costs.
  • 3) Any consultations and counseling will be held in strict confidence. Any church or denomination may apply. Please feel free to contact us.

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