The Truth of God's Word for Japan

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The Truth of God's Word for Japan


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The Gift Network

The "Gift Network" is a coordinated linking of Christians for mutual interaction and support that goes beyond mere information sharing.

For example...

1) Christian leaders and pastors can get their Bible messages, testimonies, lectures, seminars, etc., to a wider network of Christians for their personal edification and growth through our media outlets.

2) Those in the Network can be called upon to help others who are holding seminars, special events and the like.

3) At a church's request, preachers, consultants, and specialists from the Network can be sent out to meet the church's needs.

4) Through the Network, everyone can get help to find a place where they can use the gifts the Lord has given them.

5) Further, new methods and possibilities can be explored. Laymen or professional clergy, all may equally take part. Please consider participating and joining the Gift Network!

Implementing the Gift Network

BJapan's important first step towards implementing the Gift Network is the formation of the Bible Team. Not a few people sense that Japan's Church is being beset by the many social complications we find ourselves in - an aging society with low birth rates, wide diversity in culture and values, and general social upheaval. We see these issues continuing to pile up into the future.

And we can't talk about the church of tomorrow in Japan without hearing from Japan's pastors and evangelists on their view of the present and without hearing their vision. So our heartfelt desire is for pastors and Christian leaders to give us their valuable opinions and advice, and to become part of our Bible Team.

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