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Friendship Radio Japan's first 24/7 Christian broadcast, Friendship Radio, was begun by Steve Tygert of The Evangelical Alliance Mission (TEAM), an organization with over a century of experience in missions in Japan.
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 Founded as "Friendship Radio" in 1987 within TEAM, in April of 2005 we were incorporated as "BJapan" in cooperation with TEAM and Back to the Bible, a worldwide broadcast ministry, based in Lincoln, NE. "Friendship Radio" remains the name of our radio program.

 At present, BJapan has 1 full and 5 part time staff. That includes the corporate officers that handle management and activities. Additionally, there is a management consulting board of three members and a four member board of directors.

Our current board of directors are:
Rev. Tokio Arashi
 Chitose Evangerical Christ Church
Rev. Motoo Iwai
 Kiyose Evangelical Free Church
Rev. Tetsuya Saitoh
 Imaichi Christ Church
Rev. Kunimi Tamai
 Shinkamagaya Bible Church, Oasis Ministry  

Our Mission  In order to proclaim God's Word to our fellow Japanese, and raise their awareness of the Truth contained within it, we endeavor to:

  1. • Produce programs and other media content
  2. • Engage in the broadcast and distribution of that media
  3. • Support Japan's many small churches with practical aid, projects and support.

 Our primary programming is 1) a 24/7 internet radio stream aimed at Christians and seekers, filled with Bible teaching content, and 2) a 30 minute shortwave program aired weekly from KTWR, aimed at a general Japanese audience.

Donations  Your gift for the Japanese church can be sent online at this link.
 Or funds can be earmarked for Japan and mailed to
 PO Box 1683
 Carol Stream, IL 60132-1683

 If you are outside of the US, funds can be wired internationally to
Mizuho Bank, Kudan Branch
SWIFT: MHCBJPJT 532-1008505
Account Type: Regular
Account Name: Ippanshadanhoujin BJapan
Account Number: 1008505

 God bless you, and thank you for your prayers for Japan!